Advantages of Having a Car

Although you do not buy a car, there are many benefits of a car especially if you have one. If you go to Chicago, Illinois, you will not find a single family having no car. Everyone should own a car. Like this, car and vehicles are very necessary for all people living there. There is no public transportation such as buses and taxi for individuals. So if you go there without a car, then you should know someone who has a car to give you a ride.

The most important thing on this earth is to provide our comfort and daily food of course. However, there are times that you will really need your own car.


You are rushing. When you are running out of time and suddenly it is hard to wait for a public transportation. You will be worried and stressed in this situation. This is why having your own car is much more convenient.

You are carrying lots of baggage. We cannot avoid the times when we are carrying many stuffs with us. Then we come to ride in a train, bus, with all of our stuffs. Sometimes, it is very inconvenient carrying these stuffs in the buss especially when there are many passengers and we have to be careful not to let anyone feel discomfort.

Groceries. Here is another thing, you go to buy groceries but you have to carry all the bags of groceries. What to do? You think taking them to a taxi but even riding a taxi might be very hard.

You can escape from unpleasant people. In countries where pickpockets or robbers are wandering, you can actually escape from those since you are inside your car. You can also escape from harassment of people. There are many unpleasant things that you can avoid if you have your own car.

Easy to go. You are not really limited to places where you want to go, plus without hassle.