Spain as a tourist destination: The 10 best places to visit in Spain

The country of Spain is being flocked by about fifteen million tourists every year. When you look at its history, it has been under wars and it even conquered other countries. It has also its low status at times but it has suddenly become a place of vacation so its tourism industry boomed and its economy grows to a very good level. It met a challenge when it was affected by the global recession in the year of 2008. Thankfully, its tourism industry survived until now with a big number of tourists traveling to the country every year around. It is such a blessed country as the natural wonders were in it combined with a culture that attracts other nationalities and the festivals that they enjoy all year round. If you want to travel and have some fun and adventure, the country of Spain is a good choice as proven by the millions of tourists who go there. You will surely have some fun and a good adventure while being there.

One of the things that you mus try when you visit Spain is their cuisine as they have a very delicious set of food that is really appetizing. It is one of the pride of this country. Because the country has different regions that have the status of autonomous and also many beautiful islands it is a place that boasts of a diverse culture including the different landscapes in the country. The result is the list of ten best p[laces to visit in Spain. many travelers kept coming back to the country to visit each place so let us see about them. The number ten in the list is the Santiago de Compostela which is a capital city. It is a destination for those making a pilgrimage. It is a well-known place and welcomes many visitors and other who went there for a pilgrimage. It drives many people to visit there as they believe that in that place is where one of the apostles of Jesus, whose name is James, was buried.

Next destination is the place of Toledo which is the capital of the country of Spain before but it was changed. It is a unique city because for long years the Jews, Christians, and Muslims live there so the mixture of the traditions and culture can be seen there. It was even called the city of three cultures. Many tourists also go here because of the rich historical landmarks that were even built in the times of the Roman Empire. Other places are Cordoba and San Sebastian. Followed by Valencia and Seville then Madrid as the number four. The number three in the list is the Spanish Islands where most of the beautiful beaches of Spain are found followed by the place of Granada. The number one in the list is the city of Barcelona which has best interior designing company 室內設計. Barcelona is a dream to many tourists who are looking for a European life experience.