10 things people do not know about their own cars and some car facts

There are many people who have their own cars at this time. There are those who even buy cars only for luxury as they have the capacity to do so. Cars became a common sight on the roads but still, there are some parts of the country that they do not have many cars. Many people drive their cars regularly but others just commute and it is not an everyday occurrence due to hard circumstances like the distance of the place and the number of passengers. In those areas, they commute to go to the town in the market days especially on weekends. Even if cars were in existence already in the year 1886 when Karl Benz invented the first car that is considered as an official in the country of Germany, other parts of the world has this kind of situation. Even if it was invented in that year, only in the year of 1908 that automobiles are made designed for the masses to be able to buy.

This was made possible by Henry Ford when he developed the Model T car. From that time on, there are many positive effects that people have experienced when it was made available to the people. Mode of transportation was made easy and those who are in hardship like those who cannot buy products from the sources because they cannot carry it or the ones who cannot sell their products because of lack of transportation.  Many more advantages and benefits were brought by automobiles but there are also the negative effects like the car accidents. Cars also use gasoline so they contribute in the big bulk of consumption that leads to global warming issues. Let us also see some of the other facts about these cars. One of it is that in the many states of the US you can be arrested for the charge of DUI when you are drunk and sleep inside your car in a parking area.

In the country of Canada in Churchill, the residents are considerate as they leave their cars unlocked for those pedestrians that can encounter a polar bear. Pedestrians can freely take shelter in these open cars. When it comes to the Porches cars, their ignition location is always on the left side. In the country of Florida, it is not good to lend your car to a friend who will commit a crime as you also can be charged depending on what crime is committed. You should not press the remote of your car for a number of 256 times when it is out of range as it will stop working. This is because of the lost synchronization that can let the car stop working. In the year of 1941, a number of about 3 million cars were made in the US but the situation changed and the number gets to only 139 cars produced, like this. It is because war came and so they switched to making military equipment until the time that the war ended.