UBER Era: Changes in Time

Car is a part of the modernization era.

The creation of automobile dates back in the early 19th century! The making of automobile was started when steem powered vehicles in 16th and 17th century, followed by a vehicle powered by combustion engine and then a vehicle powered by a stroke engine that uses a petrol or gasoline, and the last is the electrical powered vehicle and of course uses oil or fuel. He started to make a vehicle that uses combustion engine and that is run by a hydrogen fuel.

Like this, the development of vehicles gradually developed in the passing of time. Then how did vehicles improved our lifestyle and way of living?

Now, we are living in this digital and technological age where everything is possible to be invented. The life of people have been modernized also so we can do everything we want to do.

It is not only vehicle quality that improved but also the service of public transportation. UBER has improved how people use vehicles without too much hassle in life. The UBER shares its economic development with all nations around the world. With Lyft, people can also reap the same service. It is just that UBER is the most competitive grabbing taxi online around the world. With UBER, we can beat the time and enjoy cheaper transportation. How the world is really changing like this?

Chariots, carriages, horses were used as rides for millennia. Seeing the lifestyle of people in a span of 6000 years, we cannot imagine the world’s advancement in everything only to perish in the end.